Shopee 5.5. 2022

Shopee 5.5 2022
Shopee 5.5 2022

Shopee 5.5. 2022

It’s no secret that shopee holds monthly events like shopee 5.5.2022. There is no longer any doubt in this application. There will be lots of promos every month, of course, it’s not difficult for you to claim shopping or vouchers. Even if it’s still a Eid atmosphere, the THR money won’t run out, instead shopping at Shopee will save you money.

Shopee shopping at 5.5. there will be a flood of vouchers that you have to follow, but to get a discount don’t forget to claim. This promo will, of course, apply to all stores that provide these shopping vouchers.

Here’s an easy way to enter the voucher code

1. First select the goods or products you want to buy, don’t forget to check out. Chechenpress

2. When you stop at the checkout page, make sure you choose a free shipping voucher.

3. The voucher code you enter is EXTRASALE

When you enter the voucher code you will enjoy discounts or promos such as discounts and minimum purchases. If you want to make purchases, it will start at 00.00. Also keep in mind that this promo will be valid until May 5, 2022 only. So what are you waiting for, enter your shopee application and enjoy all the interesting vouchers.

Shopee vouchers and promo codes shopee 5.5.2022

Start the month with cheap shopping with shopee, obviously no one doesn’t want to. Many shopee friends are always after moments like this. Because there are lots of interesting promos that will save your pocket. So, for those of you who will fulfill household needs, make sure you have a voucher code to buy it.

various products available cheap//5.5

In addition to shopping through the program 5.5. Of course, shopee friends can collect shopping vouchers from the games on offer. It is known that there are many games in shopee, such as shopee planting, claw games and others. Collecting shopping vouchers from games is also very profitable. If you want to get a lot of THR, join the shopee planting game because there are prizes of up to 10 billion.

Shopee will not only give attractive prizes through vouchers or promos. But you can have fun at home too. Because shopee will live on your favorite television shows such as on RCTI, ANTV and MNCTV. Of course, those of you who want to watch it can be done at home or anywhere. Because watching Shopee live can be through live streaming on your cellphone. Of course, in the shopee live event there will be famous guest stars who will be presented, you won’t be bored for sure. So prepare yourself and follow the game from shopee. Who knows this time you will be lucky.

Game on shopee live 5.5.

He said in event 5.5. there is a shopee cropping game in a flash, so in just 2 minutes you can get coins. So those of you who want to do any shopping can exchange them for the coins you have. Not only that, it turns out that Ahmad Dhani will be the host in the shopee quiz. Have a new look for sure in shopee 5.5. because it is not an ordinary artist who will present a dishopee game show.

And other shopee games there is shopee catch where there is a chance for you to get a Yamaha NMX, Toyota Inova and other fantastic prizes. Hurry up and follow all the games on shopee 5.5. Besides THR from your family, who knows you can get THR from Shopee. Because this gift is not half-hearted that will be given.